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Oscar Wilde & Eduard Vilde

Oscar Wilde (Dublin 1854 - Paris 1900), Irish writer and poet (Wikipedia).

Eduard Vilde (Pudivere, Väike-Maarja Parish, Lääne-Viru County 1865 - Tallinn 1933), Estonian writer, a pioneer of critical realism in Estonian literature, and diplomat (Wikipedia).

Tiiu Kirsipuu

Tartu /  Oscar Wilde & Eduard Vilde   Tartu /  Oscar Wilde & Eduard Vilde


Bronze sculpture of the Irish writer Oscar Wilde (left) and the Estonian writer Eduard Vilde (right) sitting on a granite bench together.

Tartu - Oscar Wilde & Eduard Vilde
Oscar Wilde
Tartu - Oscar Wilde & Eduard Vilde
Eduard Vilde
Tartu - Oscar Wilde & Eduard Vilde
Eduard Vilde


Oscar 1854-1900


1865-1933 Eduard


(both): 9 TK 9


The sculpture, in front of Café Wilde, is fun speculation about literary history. The English and Estonian writer share the same family name and are of the same generation, but it is doubtful if they ever met. - The sculptor Tiiu Kirsipuu (who modelled the statues based on photos of Wilde and Vilde) has noted that she was thinking of the year 1890 when composing the work, since it was a moment in time that lent itself to the possibility of the two authors actually meeting up to share some witticisms.
The sculpture is unveiled 30 May 1999.

In 2004 the same sculpture was unveiled in the heart of Galway, Ireland.

Tartu - Oscar Wilde & Eduard Vilde


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Locatie (N 58°22'41" - E 26°43'23") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: ee083; Photograph: 8 July 2013
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