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Tartu maantee 6

Kivi müürsepp ja puusepp

Stone mason and carpenter

Oskar Goldberg

Tallinn /  Kivi müürsepp ja puusepp


The Koch and Ko building on the corner of the Tartu maantee and Kivisilla has two sculptures:
  1. Statue of a stonemason in a niche on the Tartu maantee side.
  2. Relief of a carpenter above a gate on the Kivisilla side

Tallinn - Kivi müürsepp ja puusepp Tallinn - Kivi müürsepp ja puusepp


According to Linnamajad the statue is a blacksmith (müürisepa instead of müürsepp), but that is certainly not the case.


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Locatie (N 59°26'4" - E 24°45'33") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: ee033; Photograph: 7 July 2013
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