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Stadt Erfurt


(auf dem Breitstrom der Gera)

Käpt'n Blaubär und Hein Blöd

Captain Bluebear and Harry Dim

fictional character - an anthropomorphic talking bear with blue fur - created by Walter Moers, originally in the German children's television program 'Die Sendung mit der Maus'. Hein Blöd acts as a buffoon character
Frank Meyer

Erfurt /  Käpt'n Blaubär und Hein Blöd   Erfurt /  Käpt'n Blaubär und Hein Blöd


Sculpture, made of laminated polyester resin, of Captain Bluebear and Harry Dim in a boat in the rvier Gera.
The orange-white jackets do not belong to the original statue, but were probably added for some kind of action.

KI.KA-Figuren in Erfurt

The KI.KA figures in Erfurt are ten sculptures of well-known figures from the field of children's media (KI.KA = Kinderkanal, Children's Channel). The idea to set up the figures goes back to the tenth anniversary of the children's channel in 2007.
The ten figures are, in chronological order:

  1. Bernd das Brot / Bernd the bread, July 2007, by Frank Meyer and Thomas Lindner.
  2. Sandmännchen / Little Sandman, October 2008, by Christian Paschold.
  3. Maus und Elefant / Mouse and Elephant, May 2009, by Frank Meyer (mouse) and Thomas Lindner (elephant).
  4. Tigerente / Tiger duck, May 2009, by Thomas Lindner.
  5. Tabaluga, July 2009, by Thomas Lindner.
  6. Käpt'n Blaubär und Hein Blöd / Captain Bluebear and Harry Dim, September 2009, by Frank Meyer.
  7. Kikaninchen / KI.KA-rabbit, October 2010.
  8. Rabe Rudi und der sprechende Koffer / Raven Rudi and the talking suitcase, April 2012, by Thomas Lindner (at the airport, we haven't been there).
  9. Goldener Spatz / Golden Sparrow, June 2012, by Frank Meyer.
  10. Pittiplatsch, November 2017.

For a map with the KI.KA figures in Erfurt, click here.

Source: Wikipedia, KiKA-Figuren in Erfurt.



Location (N 50°58'38" - E 11°1'51")

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Item Code: deth157; Photograph: 12 October 2018
Of each statue we made photos from various angles and also detail photos of the various texts.
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