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Stadt Erfurt


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Sankt Bonifatius und Luther

Saint Bonifatius and Luther

Christian Paschold

Erfurt /  Sankt Bonifatius und Luther   Erfurt /  Sankt Bonifatius und Luther


Two bronze statues on consoles and under baldachins at the front façade of the town hall.

Erfurt - Sankt Bonifatius und Luther
St. Bonifatius (Wessex c. 672 - Dokkum 754), the Apostle of the Germans, missionary in the Frankish Empire; patron saint of Germany and the first archbishop of Mainz. He was martyred in Frisia in 754.
Erfurt - Sankt Bonifatius und Luther
Martin Luther (Eisleben 1483 - Eisleben 1546), German priest and professor of theology who initiated the Protestant Reformation (Wikipedia).

The town hall was built in the 1870s after designs of the architect Theodor Sommer. In 1876 on the façade statues of Emperor Friedrich I and Emperor Wilhelm I were placed. Both statues were thrown from their consoles by the Red Army in 1945, en were not replaced by the town government under the GDR. Only in November 2017 the two new statues were placed.


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Location (N 50°58'40" - E 11°1'44")

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Item Code: deth148; Photograph: 12 October 2018
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