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Stadt Eisenach


Auf der Wartburg

Sankt Elisabeth von Thüringen

Saint Elisabeth of Thuringia

Bratislava 1207 - Marburg 1231
princess of the Kingdom of Hungary, Landgravine of Thuringia; built a hospital where she herself served the sick; symbol of Christian charity
Hans Damman
1980s (copy)

Eisenach /  Sankt Elisabeth von Thüringen   Eisenach /  Sankt Elisabeth von Thüringen


Bronze statue of Saint Elisabeth of Thuringia on the slope of the Wartburg mountain at the place where she founded a hospital.
The larger than life figure was originally intended as a mourning figure for a tomb and represents a woman with a bouquet of roses in her arms. It was donated in the mid-1980s by a Cologne citizen. The stone sculpture 'Trauernde' (Mourning woman) made by Hans Dammann for the cemetery Berlin-Grunewald was taken and cast in bronze in a modified form for this Elisabeth sculpture. The statue is reminiscent of Saint Elizabeth and to the the myth of the Rose Miracle. (An (almost?) identical figure is on the grave of the brothers Gustav and Max Dammann at the St. Nikolai Friedhof in Hannover).

The statue was erected here on this spot in 1970.

Eisenach - Sankt Elisabeth von Thüringen


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Location (N 50°58'3" - E 10°18'30")

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Item Code: deth096; Photograph: 10 October 2018
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