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Panzerreiter - Sankt Georg

Armored Rider - Saint George

(ca. 275/281 - 303)
Roman soldier from Syria Palaestina and a priest in the Guard of Diocletian, one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers. He is immortalized in the tale of Saint George and the Dragon

Erich Windbichler

Eisenach /  Panzerreiter - Sankt Georg   Eisenach /  Panzerreiter - Sankt Georg


Equestrian statue of armored St. George, sitting on a prancing horse, and stabbing the dragon (or lindworm) with his lance. The monument combined two traditions: The stationing of the Panzer Regiment II in 1935 in Eisenach, which emerged from the so-called unit of the "Heavy Silesian Riders", and the legend of the dragon slayer Saint George, the patron saint of Eisenach.

Eisenach - Panzerreiter - Sankt Georg Eisenach - Panzerreiter - Sankt Georg


E. Windbichler 1938

Information Sign

Denkmal "Panzerreiter"

1938/39 von Erich Windbichler geschaffen-
1939 vor dem Offizierskasino an der
heutigen Ernst-Thälmann-Straße errichtet-
1949 in Zusammenhang mit der Neugestaltung
am Jakobsplan aufgestellt.
Zunächst Sinnbild des seit 1935 in Eisenach
ansässigen Panzerregimentes, wurde es 1945
als St. Georg, der Drachentöter, uminterpretiert
Monument "Armored Rider"
1938/39 Created by Erich Windbichler
1939 ereced in front of the officers' casino at
the present-day Ernst-Thälmann-Straße
1949 in connection with the redesign
placed on the Jakobsplan.
Initially symbol of the tank regiment that since 1935
resided in Eisenach, it was in 1945
reinterpreted as St. George, the dragon slayer


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Location (N 50°58'36" - E 10°19'4")

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