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Stadt Leipzig


Katharinenstraße 6-8

Zwei Frauenbilder des Barocks

Two Women's Statues of the Baroque

Johannes Hartmann & Christian Döring
1736 (copy 1930)

Leipzig /  Zwei Frauenbilder des Barocks   Leipzig /  Zwei Frauenbilder des Barocks


Two stone statues of female figures on pilasters. One has a a scroll in her hand. The other has a hawk in her right hand and a heron is biting her left thigh. This could be interpreted as symbols of fertility.. Both statues came from the Jöchers Haus on the Markt, which was destroyed in 1943. The original statues were sculpted by Christian Döring, and because these were very weathered, Hartmann made in the 1930 new copies.

Leipzig - Zwei Frauenbilder des Barocks
Figure with a scroll.
Leipzig - Zwei Frauenbilder des Barocks
Figure with heron and hawk


Sources & Information


  • Country: Germany
  • Allegory (unidentified)
  • Döring, Christian
  • Hartmann, Johannes
  • Hawk
  • Heron
  • Woman with hawk
  • Woman with scroll
  • Locatie (N 51°20'32" - E 12°22'30") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

    Item Code: desn121; Photograph: 4 September 2022
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