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Hiller Monument

Johann Adam Hiller
(Wendisch-Ossig [now Osiek Łużycki] 1728 - Leipzig 1804 German composer, conductor and writer on music
Friedrich Funk & Johann Christoph Wingrich

Leipzig /  Hiller-Denkmal   Leipzig /  Hiller-Denkmal


Sandstone relief plaque - remnant of a larger monument - with in the upper part Hiller's portrait in a circle of stars underneath Hiller's name in large fracture letters: HILLER. The main relief scene shows four female figures looking upwards. The one on the right is playing the harp, her neighbour has sunk to her knees. The one on the left is wearing a religious habit. They surround a column stump covered with organ pipes, on which wreaths of ivy, olive branches and flowers are laid. This musical homage scene refers to four sisters Podlesky taught singing by Hiller. These sisters erected the momument.

The monument was erected on a flat hill to the west of St Thomas' Church. It consisted of a cuboid with an overhanging top plate and a flat, hipped roof. To the west it showed the still preserved relief plate, to the south and north the dates of Hiller's birth and death respectively. The inscription to the east read: "Ihrem verewigten Lehrer und väterlichen Wohltäter die vier Schwestern Mariana, Franziska, Aloysia, Thekla Podlesky, den 19. Junius 1832" (To their immortalised teacher and paternal benefactor, the four sisters Mariana, Franziska, Aloysia, Thekla Podlesky, 19 June 1832).
The monument disappeared arond 1890 and at the beginning of the 20th century, the relief plate of the monument was attached to St. Thomas Church.

Leipzig - Hiller-Denkmal


Sources & Information


  • Commemorative plaque (Germany)
  • Composer
  • Conductor
  • Funk, Friedrich
  • Harpist
  • Hiller, Johann Adam
  • Organ
  • Podlesky, sisters
  • Singer
  • Wingrich, Johann Christoph
  • Women (4)
  • Locatie (N 51°20'21" - E 12°22'19") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

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