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Schmochtitz - Smochćicy
(Stadt Bautzen)
Lkr. Bautzen


Strohschütz / K7277

Millenniumdenkmal - Cyrill-Methodius-Denkmal

Millennium Monument - Saint Cyril and Methodius Monument

(Old Church Slavonic: Кѷриллъ и Меѳодїи)
9th century
Byzantine Greek brothers, missionaries among the Slavic peoples; credited with devising the 'Cyrillic' alphabet
Dobrosław Bagiński

Schmochtitz - Smochćicy /  Millenniumdenkmal - Cyrill-Methodius-Denkmal   Schmochtitz - Smochćicy /  Millenniumdenkmal - Cyrill-Methodius-Denkmal


Gravel field with stones and crosses, and a large altar stone. On an elevation behind the altar stone are two bronze statues of St. Cyril and Methodius.

Information Sign


This monument was erected by the Catholic Sorbs together with
the inhabitants of the bilingual territory in gratitude for the gift
of their Christian faith in the Holy Year 2000.
Jesus Christ - crucified and resurrected - is the root of our religion.
This is shown by the tremendous altar stone. The smaller stones and
crosses are symbols of growing faith.
The statues represent the two apostles Cyril (Constantine),
the blessing monk, and Methodius, the bishop with a book in his hand.
In the 9th century they brought the message of Christ to the Slavs.
They developed the Slavic literary language, translated
the Holy Scriptures and celebrated the liturgy in this language.
Their great importance caused the Holy Father John Paul II.
to raise Cyril and Methodius to patron saints of Europe in 1980.
The trading road over the nearby hill was one of the ways
that supported the cultural and intellectual interchange among
the European peoples.
So the monument in a similar way shall remind us and all visitors
to continue promoting a united Europe and confessung Christian
faith in the present millennium and forever.

Schmochtitz - Smochcicy - Millenniumdenkmal - Cyrill-Methodius-Denkmal Schmochtitz - Smochcicy - Millenniumdenkmal - Cyrill-Methodius-Denkmal


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Location (N 51°13'22" - E 14°20'24")

Item Code: desn055; Photograph: 2 September 2012
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