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Regionalverband Saarbrücken


Alstinger Weg
(Gedenkstätte ehem. Gestapo Lager Neue Bremm)

Gedenkstätte Gestapo-Lager Neue Bremm

Memorial Neue Bremm Gestapo Camp

Roland Poppensieker

Saarbrücken /  Gedenkstätte Gestapo-Lager Neue Bremm   Saarbrücken /  Gedenkstätte Gestapo-Lager Neue Bremm


The monument consists of an anthracite colored concrete wall with a length of about 65 meters and a height of 2.50 to 3.00 meters. The side of the camp site serves as an information area. The side facing the street carries at the south end an oversized family photograph, a snapshot was taken in 1943 - it shows a woman, a child and a small dog on a summer day, in the background the barracks of the camp Neue Bremm. Everyday life and terror were closely interwoven during the Third Reich. The image can be perceived in varying intensity with different light effects. The pictorial effect is based solely on the interplay of concrete relief and light - without any color application.
Below the portrait is over the whole length of the wall a text with blue neon letters, illuminated at night, which points to the eventful history of the place:
The words stand for: HOSTAL = Spanish: Inn, Hotel; HOSTILE = French and English; HOTEL = German, English, French; HOSTAGE = English; GOSTIN = root of various Slavic words, eg. B. GOSTINICA, Russian for hotel; OSTILE = Italian: hostile; HOSTEL = English; HOSTIL = Spanish and Portuguese: hostile, hostile; HOST = English and Czech (guest). With the inclusion of the hotel area, the grounds of the former women's camp are being called to public awareness. Spruce trees that once blocked the view were cleared so that today the view from the site of the former women's camp to the men's camp is free. On the hotel facade was the portrait of Yvonne Bermann, a former prisoner in the women's camp Neue Bremm, attached. An information board tells about her fate. In the foyer of the hotel itself, a blackboard was placed, which provides information about the history of this place in the years 1943 and 1944.


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Location (N 49°12'39" - E 6°57'53")

Item Code: desl044; Photograph: 29 May 2019
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