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Regionalverband Saarbrücken


(Universität - Campus D2)


Oswald Hiery

Saarbrücken /  Automedon   Saarbrücken /  Automedon


Partial translation of the description on the sculptor's website:

The whole figure and all its accessories sit on a pedestal, on a stele in a concave bent obelisk shape. This obelisk grows from the ground and forms into a slide-like surface. Against the slope in the upper part of the obelisk a male figure, leaning backwards, as if seated at a desk. This figure wears a loose-fitting suit with button-down jacket, shirt and tie. The eyes are covered by a kind of glasses, goggles or magnifying glasses. His horizontally spread arms are extended from the wrists by propeller-like wings to a span of 6.5 m. They are equipped as hydrofoils, but placed vertically. Their design makes it possible to regulate the air resistance and thus the buoyancy. The feet of the figure stand on a perforated plate with on both sides knee-high and different sized ball-bearing and rotating double wheels.
(For the full text in German, click here).

Saarbrücken - Automedon



Location (N 49°15'24" - E 7°2'28")

Item Code: desl028; Photograph: 29 May 2019
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