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Regionalverband Saarbrücken


Waldhausweg 14  
(HTW Campus Rotenbühl)

Quadratur des Kreises

Squaring of the Circle

Oswald Hiery
Guß Straßacker (Süßen)

Saarbrücken /  Quadratur des Kreises   Saarbrücken /  Quadratur des Kreises


Partial translation of the description on the sculptor's website:

The sculpture shows the metaphorical problem of 'squaring the circle' suitable for everyday use in realistic three-dimensional design and in personalized form. It also shows it as a cube and a sphere rather than a two-dimensional mathematical problem formula of square and circle. In doing so, it visually shifts the problem from scientific to practical life context. Gilding adds extra weight to the cube and ball. Thus the male figure with outstretched arms, with cube and ball, becomes a personal allegory for this understanding of the problem.
This allegorical figure, with all his accessories, is enclosed in a lattice cage. The cage has a back wall pushed forward by two bars, which pushes the figure forward, where the cage is open and where the sloping plane leads. On that he tries to keep balance. But he balances on the middle axes of two unconnected single wheels. These are clearly mounted in such a way that keeping balance or even moving is impossible.
(For the full text in German, click here).

Saarbrücken - Quadratur des Kreises



Locatie (N 49°14'35" - E 7°0'53") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: desl025; Photograph: 29 May 2019
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