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Regionalverband Saarbrücken



Porträts der Schlossarchitekten

Portraits of the Architects of the Castle

Oswald Hiery

Saarbrücken /  Porträts der Schlossarchitekten   Saarbrücken /  Porträts der Schlossarchitekten


The keystones of the windows of the ground flour of the south wing (to the right of the modern entrance) of the Saarbrücken palace shows reliefs of the three architects involved in the buiding and re-building of the palace.

Saarbrücken - Porträts der Schlossarchitekten
Friedrich Joachim Stengel
(Zerbst 1694 - Saarbrücken 1787)
German architect, builder of the baroque palace and Ludwigskirche at Saarbrücken (1739-1748).
(Wikipedia). Bust in half profile between two pile of papers. At the top a fortified tower.
Saarbrücken - Porträts der Schlossarchitekten
Hugo Dihm
city architect of Saarbrücken (1876-1880/82), responsible for the new central building of the palace (1872). No portrait is known, so he is represente by a shield shaped as a collar-like costume part with in the center a T-square and a pair of compasses, with underneath probably coins. At the top a sunflower as symbol of light.
Saarbrücken - Porträts der Schlossarchitekten
Johann Adam Knipper the Younger
(Harskirchen 1784 - Saarbrücken 1870), German architect, responsible for the classicist reconstruction of the Palace in 1810
Bust in half profile between two pile of papers. At the top a burning building.



Location (N 49°13'48" - E 6°59'32")

Item Code: desl011; Photograph: 29 May 2019
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