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Carl Peters

Neuhaus/Elbe 1856 - Bad Harzburg 1918
German colonial ruler, explorer, politician and author, the prime mover behind the foundation of the German colony of East Africa; his attitude towards the indigenous population made him one of the most controversial colonizers
Karl Möbius

Helgoland /  Carl Peters   Helgoland /  Carl Peters


Bust as a remnant of a statue


ihm verdankt
die zugehügkeit
zu deutschland

Information Sign

Dr. Carl Peters (1856-1918)
Vom gefeierten Kolonialisten zum
gefallenem Helden.
Nachdem sein Denkmal, aufgrund
seiner Brutalität und Menschenver-
achtung keinen Abnehmer mehr
fand, wurde es am 03.07.1931
auf Helgoland aufgestellt.

Im Kriege zerstört, blieb nur die
Büste übrig.

Seit dem 25.09.1966 wieder auf
Helgoland, mehr
Mahnmal als Ehrenmal.

Dr. Carl Peters (1856-1918)
From acclaimed colonialist to
fallen hero.
After his monument, due to
his brutality and inhumanity
fund no buyers anymore,
it was on 03.07.1931
erected on Helgoland.

During the war destroyed, remained
only the bust.

Since 25.09.1966 again on
Helgoland, more as
a warning memorial than as a honour.


The statue was made in 1914 and send to Dar-es-Salaam. Because Germany lost its African colonies after the First World war, the statue was not erected but transported back to Hamburg. There it remained in the cellar of a shipowner until it was erected in 1931 on Helgoland. This because Peters was involved with the Heligoland-Zanzibar Treaty of 1890, when the German Empire gained the island of Helgoland. During the Second World War the statue was destroyed, only the bust remained. In 1966 the bust was placed on a column on Helgoland's Strandpromenade, but now it rests in the garden of the museum.


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Location (N 54°11'6" - E 7°53'13")

Item Code: desh048; Photograph: 15 April 2016
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