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Lkr. Harz


Richard-Wagner-Straße 51
(Polizeiverwaltung, ehem. Finanzamt)

Bürger und Bürgerinnen


artist unknown

Halberstadt /  Bürger und Bürgerinnen   Halberstadt /  Bürger und Bürgerinnen


On the front of the police station - built in 1937 as Finanzamt - there are six stone statues on consoles.

Halberstadt - SBürger und Bürgerinnen
Top: Women with fruit and flowers respectively.
Halberstadt - SBürger und Bürgerinnen
Center: Scholar and architect.
Halberstadt - SBürger und Bürgerinnen
Bottom: Farmer (sower) and worker.

Not much is known about its history. When it became a police station in 2012, the Volksstimme wrote:

Relatively little is known about the history of the building, as a call to the urban development department of the Halberstadt city administration revealed yesterday. It is only known that it was built in 1937 and housed a financial administration. Only from 1951 there are again documents that prove the story. The SED district leadership was located there until the political change, later the tax office in Halberstadt.


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  • Country: Germany
  • Architect
  • Farmer
  • Scholar / scientist
  • Sower
  • Woman with flowers
  • Woman with fruit
  • Worker
  • Locatie (N 51°53'44" - E 11°3'56") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

    Item Code: desa120; Photograph: 30 August 2022
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