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Kirchstraße / Lehrerstraße


Town Fountain

Karolin Donst

Tangermünde /  Stadtbrunnen   Tangermünde /  Stadtbrunnen


Fountain with an octagonal basin with a relief on each of the eight faces:

Tangermünde - Stadtbrunnen
1. Coat of arms of Tangermünde
Tangermünde - Stadtbrunnen
2. Thietmar von Merseburg

  1. Coat of arms of Tangermünde.
  2. 1009 bischof thietmar v. merseburg - Thietmar von Merseburg (975 - 1018), Prince-Bishop of Merseburg, 1009-1018; important chronicler recording the reigns of German kings and Holy Roman Emperors of the Ottonian (Saxon) dynasty (Wikipedia).

Tangermünde - Stadtbrunnen
3. Kaiser Karl IV.
Tangermünde - Stadtbrunnen
4. Kurfürst Friedrich I. von Brandenburg

  1. 1373 kaiser karl iv - Kaiser Karl IV. / Emperor Charles IV (Prague 1316 - Prage 1378), Holy Roman Emperor 1355-1378; resided long in Tangermünde and reinforced its importance as a Hanseatic city on the Elbe (Wikipedia).
  2. 1412 kurfürst friedrich i. - Kurfürst Friedrich I. von Brandenburg / Frederick I, Elector of Brandenburg (Nürnberg 1371 - Cadlzburg 1440), Elector of Brandenburg, 1415-1440; with residence in Tangermünde (Wikipedia).

Tangermünde - Stadtbrunnen
5. Grete_Minde
Tangermünde - Stadtbrunnen
6. Johann Friedrich Kolle

  1. 1617 grete minde with in the background the town fire of 1617, Grete Minde was accused of arson and died at the stake. Her innocence was proven in the early 20th century (Wikipedia).
  2. 1813 kapitän kolle - Johann Friedrich Kolle (Tangermünde 1774 - Hamburg 1830), Shipowner and captain, builder of a bridge over the Elbe, played a significant role in the wars of liberation against Napoleon.

Tangermünde - Stadtbrunnen
7. Friedrich Theodor Meyer
Tangermünde - Stadtbrunnen
8. The bridge over the river Elbe

  1. 1826 friedrich theodor meyer - Friedrich Theodor Meyer, founded in 1826 in Tangermünde sugar refineries, which became the chocolate empire FEDORA. expropriated in the DDR and went to the West.
  2. 2001 - 1945: The old bridge over the river Elbe, destroyed at the end the war, on which outrageous dramas took place (remnants of Wenck Army with very young soldiers of the German Wehrmacht; in Tangermünde the Americans and in their back already the Russians); on the same panel, the new bridge over the Elbe, built in 2001.


(all reliefs) Donst

Tangermünde - Stadtbrunnen


Sources & Information


  • Charles IV (emperor)
  • Chronicler
  • Coat of arms
  • Donst, Karolin
  • Elector
  • Fountain
  • Frederick I, Elector of Brandenburg
  • History Sculpture
  • Kolle, Johann Friedrich
  • Meyer, Friedrich Theodor
  • Minde, Grete
  • Monarch
  • Sea Captain
  • Thietmar von Merseburg
  • Locatie (N 52°32'33" - E 11°58'27") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

    Item Code: desa099; Photograph: 31 July 2016
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