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Stadt Magdeburg


Altes Fischerufer

Magdeburger Originale

Magdeburg Characters

Eberhard Roßdeutscher

Magdeburg /  Magdeburger Originale   Magdeburg /  Magdeburger Originale


Sandstone reliefs in the city wall, showing six Magdeburg characters of the early 20th centurty, from left to right:
  1. Inscription: Blut- / appelsine
    Blutappelsine (Blood orange). Market woman selling fruit, such as oranges, and her red cheeks saddled her with the nickname.
  2. Inscription: Fliegentutenheinrich
    Fliejentutenheinrich (Fly-catcher Henry). Man selling so-called "Fliejentuten" (Fly-bags), glue-covered pointed bags which were used to catch flies.
  3. Inscription: Feuerkäfer
    Feuerkäfer (Firebug). Woman with long, red hair.
  4. Inscription: Lusebenecke
    Lusebenecke (Lice-Benecke). Nickname of Julius Benecke, who lived with his dog under a bridge.
  5. Inscription: Schlackaffe
    Schlackaffe (Stinky, dirty guy). He worked on the fishing docks along the river and was paid in fish which he would put in his pockets and leave there.
  6. Inscription: Affenvater
    Affenvater (Monkey father). Organ grinder with a monkey which danced to the tunes.

Magdeburg - Magdeburger Originale
Magdeburg - Magdeburger Originale
Magdeburg - Magdeburger Originale
Magdeburg - Magdeburger Originale
Magdeburg - Magdeburger Originale
Magdeburg - Magdeburger Originale


The names of these characher do not appear in any archive. Supposedly the artist had his information from old Magdeburgers.

Magdeburg - Magdeburger Originale


Sources & Information


  • Benecke, Julius
  • Blutappelsine
  • Eccentric
  • Feuerkäfer
  • Fliejentutenheinrich
  • Lusebenecke
  • Market woman
  • Monkey
  • Musician
  • Roßdeutscher, Eberhard
  • Schlackaffe
  • Town Character
  • Wanderer
  • Locatie (N 52°7'57" - E 11°38'42") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

    Item Code: desa044; Photograph: 2 September 2012
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