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Hasselbach's Fountain

Carl Gustav Friedrich Hasselbach
Stettin 1809 - Magdeburg 1882
privy councillor, member of the Prussian House of Lords, Lord Mayor of the city of Magdeburg, 1851-1881
Various sculptors

Magdeburg /  Hasselbach-Brunnen   Magdeburg /  Hasselbach-Brunnen


Obelisk on a square pedestal with on the faces a relief portrait of Hasselbach, his family coats of arms, text and the coats of arms of Magdeburg respectively. On the corners of the pedestal are sitting figures representing Trade, Science, Craft and Agriculture. The whole is placed in a circular fountain basin.

  1. Trade: man with caduceus and book.
  2. Science: woman reading in a book.
  3. Craft: bearded man with pliers.
  4. Agriculture: woman with fruit, vegetables and a beehive.

Magdeburg - Hasselbachbrunnen
Magdeburg - Hasselbachbrunnen
Magdeburg - Hasselbachbrunnen
Magdeburg - Hasselbachbrunnen

The design of the monument is by Karl Albert Bergheimer, the relief portrait by Emil Hundrieser. The allegorical figures were lost (in or after World War II) and sculpted again after photographs of the original by Peter Michael and Christoph Reichenbach in 2002.

The monument was placed on the Hasselbachplatz, but because of the traffic problems replaced in 1927 to the present location. The allegorical figures were originally created by the sculptor Emil Hundrieser, but are considered lost since the 1950s. As part of a restoration of the fountain in 1999/2000, the figures were recreated based on historical photographs by the sculptors Peter Michael and Christoph Reichenbach from Halle (Saale).




die stadt
errichtet 1890


Sources & Information


  • Bergheimer, Karl Albert
  • Commemorative Needle Column or Obelisk
  • Craft (allegorical figure)
  • Fountain
  • Hasselbach, Karl Gustav Friedrich
  • Hundrieser, Emil
  • Mayor
  • Michael, Peter
  • Politician/Statesman
  • Reichenbach, Christoph
  • Science (allegorical figure)
  • Trade (allegorical figure)
  • Location (N 52°8'29" - E 11°38'22")

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    Item Code: desa034; Photograph: 1 September 2012
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