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Stadt Magdeburg


Breiter Weg / Ratswaageplatz

Magdeburger Halbkugeln

The Magdeburg hemispheres

Thomas Virnich

Magdeburg /  Magdeburger Halbkugeln   Magdeburg /  Magdeburger Halbkugeln


"Half" statue of two horses pulling on the Magdeburg hemispheres.

Magdeburg - Magdeburger Halbkugeln Magdeburg - Magdeburger Halbkugeln


Signed: Thomas Virnich 2002 On the sculpture is also a list of sponsors and on the pedestal a tablet with sponsor's names.


The Magdeburg hemispheres are a pair of large copper hemispheres with mating rims, used to demonstrate the power of atmospheric pressure. When the rims were sealed with grease and the air was pumped out, the sphere contained a vacuum and could not be pulled apart by teams of horses. The Magdeburg hemispheres were designed by a German scientist and mayor of Magdeburg, Otto von Guericke in 1656 to demonstrate the air pump which he had invented, and the concept of atmospheric pressure.

The sculpture was unveiled 15 June 2002 by Oberbürgermeister Dr. Lutz Trümper and "Otto von Guericke" (Wolfgang Emmrich), at the occasion of the 400th birthday of Otto von Guericke.

Magdeburg - Magdeburger Halbkugeln



Locatie (N 52°7'59" - E 11°38'16") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: desa032; Photograph: 1 September 2012
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