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Stadt Magdeburg


Alter Markt 6
(Altes Rathaus)

Bronzetür am Rathaus Magdeburg

Bronze Door of the Magdeburg Ton Hall

Heinrich Apel

Magdeburg /  Bronzetür am Rathaus Magdeburg   Magdeburg /  Bronzetür am Rathaus Magdeburg


Double bronze door with relief depicting the history and historical figures of Magdeburg. The chronological order is left door top to bottom and right door bottom to top.

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Otto.L, der Große - Edgitha - Adelheid von Burgund
1. Otto I
Das neue Stadtzentrum
14. The new town centre
Eike von Repgow
2. Eike von Repgow
13. Youth consecration
Till Eulenspiegel
3. Till Eulenspiegel
12. Everyday scene
Johannes Andreas Eisenbarth
4. Doctor Eisenbarth
Beginn des Wiederaufbaus nach 1945
11. Begin of the reconstruction
Otto von Guericke
5. Otto von Guericke
Erich Weinert
10. Erich Weinert
Georg Philipp Telemann
6. Georg Philipp Telemann
Hans Grade
9. Hans Grade
View of Magdeburg
7. View of Magdeburg (17th century)
Wilhelm Weitling
8. Wilhelm Weitling

Left door, top to bottom
  1. Inscription: adelheid - otto - edith.
    • Otto I., der Große / Otto the Great (912 - Memleben 973), founder of the Holy Roman Empire, reigning from 936 until his death in 973 (Wikipedia).
    • Edgitha / Edith of England, also Eadgyth (910 - Magdeburg 946), daughter of Edward the Elder, and the first wife of Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor (Wikipedia).
    • Adelheid von Burgund / Saint Adelaide of Italy (930/31 - Kloster Selz, Alsace 999), second wife of Otto the Great, Holy Roman Emperor. Empress Adelaide was perhaps the most prominent European woman of the 10th century; she was regent of the Holy Roman Empire as the guardian of her grandson in 991-995. (Wikipedia).
  2. Inscription: eike / v. repkow - diz recht / ne han ich / selve nicht / vnderdacht / iz haben / von aldere / an vnsich / gebracht / vnse gvte / vorevaren - sachsenspiegel.
    Eike von Repgow (Reppichau near Aken ca. 1180 - ca. 1235), German administrator who compiled the Sachsenspiegel (1220/35) to document existing, customary law and the first work in the German language. The quotation is a part of the praefatio rhythmica of the Sachsen / spiegel (Wikipedia).
  3. Inscription: till / evlenspiegel.
    Till Eulenspiegel (Kneitlingen ca. 1300 - Mölln bei Lübeck 1350 (supposed)), an impudent trickster figure originating in the Middle Low German folklore (Wikipedia).
  4. Inscription: doktor / eisenbarth.
    Johannes Andreas Eisenbarth (Oberviehtach im Oberpfälzer Wald 1663 - Hann. Münden 1717), German surgeon. He was an oculist and barber-surgeon who specialized in treatment of cataracts, calculus surgery, and the treatment of bone fractures (Wikipedia).
  5. Inscription: otto / von gvericke.
    Otto von Guericke (Magdeburg 1602 - Hamburg 1686), German scientist, inventor, and politician, known for the establishment of the physics of vacuums (the famous Magdeburg hemispheres); mayor of Magdeburg (Wikipedia).
  6. Inscription: georg philipp / telemann.
    Georg Philipp Telemann (Magdeburg 1681 - Hamburg 1767), German Baroque composer and multi-instrumentalist (Wikipedia).
  7. Inscription: magdebvrgvm.
    View of Magdeburg in the 17th century.
Right door, bottom to top
  1. Inscription: wilhelm /weitling.
    Wilhelm Weitling (Magdeburg 1808 - New York 1871), European socialist and first German theoritician on communism, Engels referred to him as the "founder of German communism" (Wikipedia).
  2. Inscription: hans / grade.
    Hans Grade (Köslin 1879 - Borkheide 1946), German aviation pioneer (Wikipedia).
  3. Inscription: erich weinert.
    Erich Weinert (Magdeburg 1890 - Berlin 1953), German Communist writer and a member of the Communist Party of Germany (KPD) (Wikipedia).
  4. Inscription: beginn des wiederavfbavs.
    Beginn des Wiederaufbaus nach 1945 / Begin of the reconstruction after 1945
  5. Alltagsszene / Everyday scene.
  6. Jugendweihe / Youth consecration (Wikipedia).
  7. Das neue Stadtzentrum / The new town centre


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  • Bronze door
  • Communist
  • Composer
  • Edith of England
  • Eisenbart, Johannes Andreas
  • Eulenspiegel, Till
  • Grade, Hans
  • Guericke, Otto von
  • Inventor
  • Jester
  • Jurist
  • Mayor
  • Monarch
  • Otto I (emperor)
  • Physician
  • Physicist
  • Repgow, Eike von
  • Socialist
  • Telemann, Georg Philipp
  • Town Hall
  • Town view
  • Weinert, Erich
  • Weitling, Wilhelm
  • Locatie (N 52°7'53" - E 11°38'22") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

    Item Code: desa018; Photograph: 1 September 2012
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