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Lkr. Bernkastel-Wittlich


Cusanusstraße / Panoramastraße

Nicolaus Cusanus Denkmal

Nicholas of Cusa Monument

Kues 1401 - Todi, Umbria, 1464
Cardinal, one of the great geniuses and polymaths of the 15th century
founder of the Cusanusstift (1458), a still existing home of the aged
Eberhard Münch

Bernkastel-Kues /  Nicolaus Cusanus Denkmal   Bernkastel-Kues /  Nicolaus Cusanus Denkmal


Cusanus monument on the roundabat at the northern entrance of Bernkastel Kues. At the center are two five-meter high and 1.60 meter wide glass columns, looking like two pages of books, with original quotes of Cusanus, they highlight the work of the philosopher Cusanus and also symbolize the both districts of Bernkastel and Kues and. A 3.70 meters high head shows an abstract representation of an existing drawing. The head opens upward to illustrate Cusanus as a thinker. The metal is finished in rust appearance and reminds us of the transience of life. The letters of the surname C U S A N U S. are each 1.50 meters high and give the viewer a direct information.


Cusanus portrait
The example for the portrait was this portrait made after the relief on his grave in the San Pietro in vincoli church in Rome (we have it here mirror reversed to agree with the sculpture)

The design of the work was by Münch, the architect was Dipl. Ing. Peter Berdi and the glass work was made by Fa. Binsfeld, Trier.

Bernkastel-Kues / Nicolaus Cusanus


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Locatie (N 49°55'48" - E 7°3'26") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: derp141; Photograph: 20 April 2012
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