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Kr. Mettmann



Bugatti Bench

Ian Hamilton Finlay

Mettmann /  Bugatti Bench   Mettmann /  Bugatti Bench


Bench on the wayside above the former ford through the Düssel. The verse bare stream racing like a bugatti is carved into this bench. The attentive viewer may be irritated by the absurd inscription. With his works, Finlay occupies places with words, which are mostly engraved on simple objects. This gives the places a poetic aura, they become a spatial image. Finlay provides the viewer with a literary instruction manual for the place.

On the other side of the path is a stone plate with horse tracks. We are not sure if this belongs to the Bugatti Bench.

Mettmann - Bugatti Bench Mettmann - Bugatti Bench

Sculpture trail "HumanTraces" in the Neandertal

As part of the EUROGA 2002plus, the sculpture trail "MenschenSpuren" (HumanTraces) was realized in the Neandertal. The 1,200 meter long art traiis dedicated to the area of conflict between man and nature. With the beginning of the incarnation, man tried to gradually step out of nature and to find an independent position. This process is made visible in different ways through the works of the eleven artists. The sculptures challenge self-reflection on human nature and require a new way of looking at nature. The traces of the artists connect with the landscape in ever new ways on thcircular route on the Düssel river. Many of the works have to be discovered or change their condition with the seasonal ups and downs.

We have photographed all the existing sculptures, allthough some of them are in fact too abstract for this sit.
Since the Düssel forms the border between the towns of Erkrath and Mettmann, the sculptures on the leftbank are listed under Erkrath and those on the right bank under Mettmann.

The sculptures are (the order is counter-clockwise when you start from the Neanderthal Museum):

  1. Friedrich Marten, Woher - Wohin
  2. Zadok Ben-David, The man who never ceased to grow
  3. Nils-Udo, Habitat does not exist anymore.
  4. Ian Hamilton Finlay, Bugatti Bench
  5. Giuseppe Penone, Neanderthal Hecke does not exist anymore.
  6. Klaus Simon, Calx
  7. Antony Gormley , Being
  8. Jaume Plensa, Seele?
  9. Magdalena Abakanowicz, Mutant
  10. Anne und Patrick Poirier, Memoria Mundi

The descriptions are (partial) translations from the Neandertal Museum's website.

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Locatie (N 51°13'27" - E 6°57'3") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: denw918; Photograph: 30 July 2022
Of each statue we made photos from various angles and also detail photos of the various texts.
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