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(Stadt Rees)
Lkr. Kleve


Vor dem Falltor / Am Bär


Children of Man

Anne Thoss

Rees /  Menschenkinder   Rees /  Menschenkinder


Three human figures carved in oakwood. Only the heads show details.
They belong to the series of Pongelz, the word used for people "off track" in the dialect of the Lower Rhine.


Eine Arbeit gegen Unrecht und Willkür -
für Demokratie, Freiheit und Menschenwürde

Die Menschenkinder…
nicht Mann, nicht Frau
nicht Kind, nicht Greis.
Großen Schachfiguren gleich
hin- und hergeschoben von einer
unsichtbare Hand,
verlieren sie sich - ohne eigene Wahl,
ohne eigenes Ziel -
machtlos in Zeit und Raum
A work against injustice and arbitrariness -
for democracy, freedom and human dignity

The children of men…
not man, not woman
not child, not elderly
Equal to large chess pieces
pushed back and forth by an
invisible hand,
lose themselves - without their own choice,
without own goal -
powerless in time and space

Information Sign

Anne Thoss



Skulpturenpark Rees

In July 2003, the Rees Sculpture Park was opened as part of a cross-border project with the Dutch municipality of Sint Anthonis. Until 2011, the art objects by German and Dutch artists were shown for an exhibition period of two years. Since 2011, an exhibition phase has lasted three years. After each exhibition phase, objects were/are purchased by the Koenraad Bosman Foundation and repositioned outside the sculpture park. You will therefore find many other art objects both in the villages in the Rees municipality and in the historic city center, especially on the Rhine promenade, at the Froschteich and in the Stadtgarten.
The Park with an area of around 5,500 square meters is located in the immediate vicinity of the Municipal Museum Koenraad Bosman.

Rees - Skulpturenpark

On 28 July 2022 we photographed the following sculptures belong to the 7th series of sculptures from 2020:

From the former editions (usually recognizable for the information signs) we photographed the following:

Froschteig: Villages in Rees municipality:


Sources & Information


Locatie (N 51°45'33" - E 6°24'2") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: denw840; Photograph: 28 July 2022
Of each statue we made photos from various angles and also detail photos of the various texts.
If you want to use photos, please contact us via the contact form (in Dutch, English or German).
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