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St Mary's column

María Jesús Ortiz de Fernández

Jülich /  Mariensäule   Jülich /  Mariensäule


Column crowned by the figure of Mary rising out of the water of life with a two twisted and intertwined spiralling reliefs with scenes from Jülich's history, in good and bad times, in times of preaching and struggles, in times of economic success and catastrophic destruction, taking refuge under the protective cloak of the Madonna. Example for the column was Trajan's Column in Rome.

Jülich - Mariensäule
St. Bernard of Clairvaux (1090 - 1153)
French abbot and the primary builder of the reforming Cistercian order (Wikipedia).
Jülich - Mariensäule
Christina of Stommeln (Stommeln 1242 - Stommeln 1312)
mystic, ecstatic, and stigmatic (Wikipedia).
Jülich - Mariensäule
Goschwin Nickel (Koslar 1582 - Roma 1664)
Jesuit priest and the tenth Superior-General of the Society of Jesus (Wikipedia).
Jülich - Mariensäule
St. Rochus
Jülich - Mariensäule Jülich - Mariensäule

Jülich - Mariensäule Jülich - Mariensäule


errichtet 1998
anläss des
silbernen priesterjubiläums von
am 1. märz 1994
geschaffen durch m. fernandez


Sources & Information


  • Bernard of Clairvaux, St.
  • Christina of Stommeln
  • Fernández, María Jesús Ortiz de
  • Fountain
  • History Sculpture
  • Marian Column
  • Mary with Child
  • Nickel, Goswin
  • Roch, St.
  • Locatie (N 50°55'19" - E 6°21'31") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

    Item Code: denw791; Photograph: 18 August 2021
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