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Carrot-Pin Fountain

artist unknown

Gangelt /  Muhrepenn-Brunnen   Gangelt /  Muhrepenn-Brunnen


Circular fountain basin with a sculpture of a goose with a carrot in its beak on a circular pedestal, with the tap. Around this pedestal are the coats of arms of Gangelt and the villages in the municipality of Gangelt.

The fountain recalls the Muhrepenn (Carrot) legend:
According to this legend, the fact that geese like to eat 'Muhre' (carrots) once had devastating consequences for the small town of Gangelt. During a medieval siege of the fortified city, sleep-drunk guards used a carrot to lock the break gate due to the lack of a proper pin. In the early morning geese nibbled away the carrot so that the enemies could freely enter and pillage the town. Since then, the Gangelt inhabitants have had to put up with the nickname 'Muhrepenn' (Carrot-pin).

The monument itself was not spared its own fate. The original goose statue of 1956 was stolen in broad daylight in February 2008. After less than a year she was able to rise again in the form of a larger and more powerful statue. For additional 'protection', eight coats of arms from the different villages in Gangelt municipality were attached to the base.

Gangelt - Muhrepenn-Brunnen Gangelt - Muhrepenn-Brunnen

Gangelt - Muhrepenn-Brunnen
1. ?
2. ?
Gangelt - Muhrepenn-Brunnen
3. Stahe-Niederbusch
4. ?
Gangelt - Muhrepenn-Brunnen
5. ?
6. Langbroich-Harzelt
Gangelt - Muhrepenn-Brunnen
7. Birgden
8. Gangelt



Locatie (N 50°59'33" - E 5°59'49") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: denw775; Photograph: 18 August 2021
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