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Kaiser Wilhelm I.

Emperor Wilhelm I

Berlin 1797 - Berlin 1888
King of Prussia, 1861 - 1888, and the first German Emperor, 1871 - 1888
Friedrich Drake
Bronzegießerei Gladenbeck (Friedrichshagen bei Berlin)

Köln /  Kaiser Wilhelm I.   Köln /  Kaiser Wilhelm I.


Equestrian statue.


Modellirt von Fr. Drake. Berlin. 1864.
Gegossen von H. Gladenbeck. Berlin. 1866.


The bridge was constructed between 1907 and 1911 after the old bridge, the Cathedral Bridge (Dombrücke), was demolished. The Cathedral Bridge was unable to handle the increasing traffic in Cologne. It was named after the House of Hohenzollern. Inauguration took place on May 22, 1911 by Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Four equestrian statues of Prussian kings and German emperors of the Hohenzollern family flank each ramp. The Cathedral Bridge was in 1864 already adorned with the statues of Friedrich Wilhelm IV of Prussia and Emperor Wilhelm I, which are now placed on the right bank of the Rhine. In addition equestrian statues of Emperors Friedrich III and, during his lifetime, Wilhelm II, which were placed on the left bank of the Rhine. They depict the era of Prussian rule in the Rhine province:
    Right bank
  1. (south) Emperor Wilhelm I by Friedrich Drake, 1864.
  2. (north) King Friedrich Wilhelm IV by Gustav Blaeser, 1864.
    Left bank
  3. (south) Emperor Wilhelm II by Louis Tuaillon, 1910.
  4. (north) Emperor Friedrich III by Louis Tuaillon, 1911.

Wikipedia, Hohenzollernbrücke.

Köln - Kaiser Wilhelm I.
Right bank with the two statues of 1864.


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