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Johann von Werth
Büttgen 1591 - Schloss Benatek 1652
German general of cavalry in the Thirty Years' War
Wilhelm Albermann

Köln /  Jan-von-Werth-Denkmal   Köln /  Jan-von-Werth-Denkmal


Stone statue of Jan van Werth on a gothic columnn. The seated figures on the north and south side represent valor and purity of the city of Cologne: the Cologne Farmer and the Cologne Virgin.

Köln - Jan-von-Werth-Denkmal
Der Kölner Bauer (the Cologne Farmer) with coat of arms and spear.
Köln - Jan-von-Werth-Denkmal
Die Kölner Jungrau (the Cologne Girl)

On the sides are reliefs showing scenes from the legend of Jan and Griet:

Köln - Jan-von-Werth-Denkmal
Jan is spurned by Griet.
Köln - Jan-von-Werth-Denkmal
Jan returns to Cologne.

The poor peasant Jan fell in love with Griet but she wanted a wealthier partner and declined his offer of marriage. Devastated by her rejection he came upon an army recruiter and signed up to go to war. Through hard work and good fortune he rose to become a general, celebrating several victories. After taking the fort at Hermannstein he was leading his triumphant troops into Cologne through St. Severin's Gate, when he saw his former love Griet selling fruit at a market. Griet was filled with regret at turning down such a successful person and exclaimed "Jan, who would have thought it?" to which he replied "Griet, the person who should have done it!" and turns away.




*1807 KARL CRAMER †1863
dem dichter des „jan un grietʺ
zum gedächtnis.


verschoenerungs-verein 1884
albermann fec.


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Locatie (N 50°56'19" - E 6°57'35") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: denw492; Photograph: 14 May 2016
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