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Stadt Bonn


Dixstraße 43
(St. Maria und St. Clemens Doppelkirche)


Saint Mary's Fountain

The mother of Jesus Christ
Jochem Pechau & Theo Heiermann

Beuel /  Marienbrunnen   Beuel /  Marienbrunnen


Statuette of St. Mary with child, standing on a base with chamfered corners. On the chamfers texts and the coat of arms of Cardinal Joachim Meisner (1933), archbishop of K7#246;ln, and the coat of arms of Bonn and Beuel divided by the river Rhine.
The whole is placed on a stone square fountain, with on the corners bronze sculptures of the symbols of the Four Evangelists:

Beuel - Marienbrunnen
Beuel - Marienbrunnen
Beuel - Marienbrunnen
Beuel - Marienbrunnen

  1. Angel: St. Matthäus, one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus and one of the four Evangelists. His attribute is an angel. As patron saint of book-keepers, tax collectors and security forces, he is also depicted with writing utensils (Wikipedia).
  2. Winged lion: St. Markus, one the four Evangelists. His attribute is a lion (Wikipedia).
  3. Winged bull: St. Lukas, one of the four Evangelists. His attribute is an ox or bull, usually having wings (Wikipedia).
  4. Eagle: St. Johannes, conventional name for the author of the Gospel of John - considered to be the same person as John the Apostle (Wikipedia).


AQuARuM igitur
ViVeNTiuM PuTeuS
id est sanctuarum scriptu
rarum sacrarium
tu es

sanCtae DeI genItrICI
et rVperto tVItIensI
anno IVbILatI CIVItatIs

chronogram for 1989



This Fountain is Pechau's last work and finished by Theo Heiermann.

Depictions of Saint Mary

Saint Mary, as the mother of Jesus Christ, has a central role in the life of the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic veneration of her as the Blessed Virgin Mary has grown over time both in importance and manifestation, not only in prayer but in art, poetry and music. She is usually depicted as a beautiful young woman, with a (blue) mantle. In the majority of the depictions she is having the Infant Jesus in her arms or on her lap.
Attributes of Saint Mary: The Infant Jesus sometimes has some attributes too:

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  • Country: Germany
  • Angel
  • Cattle (bull / cow / calf)
  • Eagle
  • Evangelists (Four)
  • Fountain
  • Heiermann, Theo
  • Mary with Child
  • Pechau, Jochem
  • Location (N 50°45'1" - E 7°6'53")

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    Item Code: denw481; Photograph: 15 September 2015
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