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Bad Godesberg
Stadt Bonn


Godesberger Allee / Hochkreuzallee


High Cross

Peter Fuchs & Christian Mohr
1859 (copy)

Bad Godesberg /  Hochkreuz   Bad Godesberg /  Hochkreuz


The High Cross was probably erected around 1340 by the Cologne Archbishop Walram of Jülich (1332-1349), executed by the Cologne cathedral workshop in the Gothic style and situated on the road between Bonn and Bad Godesberg. With the advent of the Rhine romance in the late 18th century, the High Cross became a much visited attraction for Rhein travelers. Severe damage that arose over the centuries, and the new romantic interest in the Gothic style, led in 1859 to an extensive restoration of the monument according to designes of the Cologne cathedral architect Ernst Friedrich Zwirner. The cross, which had been until the restoration on top of the stele, was replaced a gothic finial. The major figures in the pedestal niches, Christ, John the Baptist and two angels were renewed by the cathedral sculptors Christian Mohr and Peter Fuchs.

The expansion of the old road to Bad Godesberg to a main road in 1957 required a replacement of the High Cross by about 50 meters in a southerly direction.

In 1979 the Cross was dismantled again, restored and in 1981 re-erected at the entrance of the Rheinisches Landesmuseum in Bonn. A full scale replica of the monument is placed at the old location.

In the niches are statues of:

Bad Godesberg - Hochkreuz
Bad Godesberg - Hochkreuz
Bad Godesberg - Hochkreuz
Bad Godesberg - Hochkreuz

  1. N Christ / Christus
  2. E Engel / Angel, holding a ribbon with the text 'et in terra pax hominibus'.
  3. S St. Johannes der Täufer / Saint John the Baptist (c. 6 BC- c. 36 AD), itinerant preacher and a major religious figure who led a movement of baptism at the Jordan River. He baptized Jesus at "Bethany beyond the Jordan." (Wikipedia).
  4. W Engel / Angel, holding a ribbon with the text 'Gloria in excelsis'.

In the gable of the niches are statues of the Four Evangelists:

Bad Godesberg - Hochkreuz
Bad Godesberg - Hochkreuz
Bad Godesberg - Hochkreuz
Bad Godesberg - Hochkreuz

  1. N St. Matthäus / St. Matthew with an angel
    one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus and one of the four Evangelists. His attribute is an angel. As patron saint of book-keepers, tax collectors and security forces, he is also depicted with writing utensils (Wikipedia).
  2. E St. Markus / St. Mark with a lion
    one the four Evangelists. His attribute is a lion (Wikipedia).
  3. S St. Lukas / St. Luke with a bull
    one of the four Evangelists. His attribute is an ox or bull, usually having wings (Wikipedia).
  4. W St. Johannes / St. John the Evangelist with an eagle
    conventional name for the author of the Gospel of John - considered to be the same person as John the Apostle (Wikipedia).

At the top are four statues of angels with musical instruments.

Bad Godesberg - Hochkreuz
N Angel with ?
Bad Godesberg - Hochkreuz
E Angel with harp
Bad Godesberg - Hochkreuz
S Angel with organ
Bad Godesberg - Hochkreuz
W Angel with violin


erbaut um 1333
1859 unter dem kälner
dombaumeister zwirner
neugotisch erneuert,-
original 1981 ins landes-
museum, colmantst. 14-16,
bonn versetzt


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Location (N 50°41'48" - E 7°8'28")

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Item Code: denw454; Photograph: 14 September 2015
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