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Ludwig van Beethoven

Bonn 1770 - Wien 1827
German composer and pianist
Ernst Hähnel
J. D. Burgschmiet (Nürnberg)

Bonn /  Ludwig van Beethoven   Bonn /  Ludwig van Beethoven


Bronze statue of Ludwig van Beethoven with a pen and some papers in his hands. On the socle are bronze plates with allegorical reliefs representing the various kinds of music composed by Beethoven:

Bonn - Ludwig van Beethoven
Bonn - Ludwig van Beethoven
Bonn - Ludwig van Beethoven
Bonn - Ludwig van Beethoven

  1. Phantasie / Fantasy, a Greek sphinx with a female head and lion's body and -chest, steered by a lyre playing Muse
    With the text:

    geb. zu Bonn MDCCLXX.

  2. Die dramatische Musik / Dramatic music, a female figure with a mask on her lap, referring to 'Egmont' and 'Coriolanus', and especially to the opera for which Beethoven has written four overtures, 'Fidelio'.
  3. Die Symphonie / The Symphony. Euterpe, the muse of music, surrounded by four geniuses symbolizing the four movements, they hold respectively a sword (the 1st movement - Allegro con brio), a torch of life upside down (the 2nd movement (funeral- march), the 3rd movement - Scherzo is represented by a genius holding in one hand the castanets, in the other he swings the Dionysian thyrsus wand with pine apple, symbol of fertility and rapturous joy. The 4th movement, Allegro molto, is a genius swinging a triangle, a symbol of joy and sounding dissolved jubilation.
  4. Geistliche Musik / Sacred Music, embodied by the Saint Cecilia, the patroness of church music. This relief refers to Beethoven's masses (C major Mass, Opus 86 and 'Missa solemnis').


erfundet und modellirt von | ernst hæhnel dresden 1843
gegossen von | i.d. burgschmiet in nürnberg 1843

Bonn - Ludwig van Beethoven


Sources & Information


  • Beethoven, Ludwig van
  • Burgschmiet (Nürnberg), J. D.
  • Cecilia, St.
  • Composer
  • Euterpe
  • Hähnel, Ernst
  • Muse
  • Music (allegory)
  • Putto
  • Sphinx
  • Statue (man)
  • Locatie (N 50°44'3" - E 7°5'57") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

    Item Code: denw432; Photograph: 14 September 2015
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