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Schade Fountain

Theodor Sprenger

Brilon /  Schnadebrunnen   Brilon /  Schnadebrunnen


On the initiative of the tourist office in 1980 a fountain dedicated to the Briloner Schnadezug was built next to the "Schulte Haus". Twelve years later, this fountain was finally completed with the installation of two bronze figures, reciting the recess at the boundary stone during the Schnade.

The two figures are modeled after two of Briloner citizens, who were for many years closely associated with the Schnadezug.

  1. The figure on the right, with one hand holding the municipal standard (with town seal and a depiction of St. Hubert with the deer), and with a sword in the other hand touching the boundary stone, is Johannes Martini (1888 - 1978), who was from 1934 until his retirement in 1953, "Stadtoberinspektor" (city inspector - equivalent to the function of a deputy Mayor and the town clerk). In that function he was also for many years the standard bearer of the urban Schnadezug.
  2. The left figure, reading from a document, is Heinrich Schieferecke (1892 - 1967), who was from 1948 to 1957 "Stadtdirektor" (city manager) of Brilon.

Brilon - Schnadebrunnen Brilon - Schnadebrunnen


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  • Country: Germany
  • Fountain
  • Hubert, St.
  • Martini, Johannes
  • Schieferecke, Heinrich
  • Sprenger, Theodor
  • Statue (two men)
  • Town Official
  • Location (N 51°23'53" - E 8°34'6")

    Item Code: denw204; Photograph: 14 September 2012
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