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Petrusbrunnen (Kump)

St. Peter's Fountain

(Greek: Πέτρος, Pétros, "stone, rock"; possibly died AD 67)
apostle, first pope; patron saint of locksmiths and confessors. Usually holding the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven

16th century

Brilon /  Petrusbrunnen (Kump)   Brilon /  Petrusbrunnen (Kump)


Fountain with stone statue of St. Peter, at his front a richly decorated heraldic ensemble with in the center the coat of arms of the Electorate of Cologne with as heart shield the coat of arms of Elector Hermann von Wied (reigned 1515-1547) (the red parts are faded to yellowish, - the figure on the Wied coat of arms is a peacock), flanked by the coat of arms of Brilon (white St. Peter's key on a black field [=Brilon] and a black cross on a white field [=Cologne]). The edge of the basin is made of 23 sandstone plates with rather weathered coats of arms of the Brilon families.

Brilon - Petrusbrunnen (Kump)


älteste zentrale wasserversor-
gung der stadt brilon, stiftung
briloner familien, anfang 16. jahr-

Brilon - Petrusbrunnen (Kump)

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Location (N 51°23'44" - E 8°34'4")

Item Code: denw198; Photograph: 14 September 2012
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