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Stadt Dortmund



Heinrich Schüchtermann

Recklinghausen 1830 - Dortmund 1895
German industrialist and benefactor
Gerhard Janensch

Dortmund /  Heinrich Schüchtermann   Dortmund /  Heinrich Schüchtermann


Bronze bust on a pedestal with a fountain. On two sides of the pedestal are reliefs, showing:

Dortmund - Heinrich Schüchtermann
Josephinen-Stift: a nun with two children
Dortmund - Heinrich Schüchtermann
The Dortmund Harbour: a man in a boat in front of a bridge

On the front is a sculpture group of three children, a boy is looking to the bust, a sitting girl is making a flower guirland for her benefactor and the third child is looking to her. On the back sits a worker working on some instrument.

Dortmund - Heinrich Schüchtermann Dortmund - Heinrich Schüchtermann


und förderer
in dankbarkeit
die stadt dortmund


C. Janensch fec. / 1899


Heinrich Schüchtermann, originally a watchmaker in Dortmund, then founded together with the entrepeneur Kremer the "Schüchtermann & Kremer-Baum Aktiengesellschaft für Aufbereitung", an important mining supplier. The company produced coal processing and coke machines, steam machines, briquette, filters, turbines, pumps, fans and steel structures for the mining industry.
In addition to his entrepreneurial activities the Catholic Henry Schüchtermann was also socially and politically dedicated. In June 1884 Schüchtermann opened the "Josefinen-Stift", where under the guidance of nuns maids without a permanent job and residence and workplace were trained in manual and domestic work.
Schüchtermann was active on several committees for the connection of Dortmund to the Prussian canal system and was on 29 December 1890 elected honorary council.


Sources & Information


  • Country: Germany
  • Bust
  • Children
  • Fountain
  • Industrialist
  • Janensch, Gerhard
  • Philanthropist
  • Schüchtermann, Heinrich
  • Worker
  • Location (N 51°30'45" - E 7°28'21")

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