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Stadt Bochum


Große Beckstraße


Count Engelbert Fountain

Engelbert III. von der Mark / Engelbert III of the Mark
(c. 1330-33 - 1391)
ruler of the County of Mark, 1347-1391
Ferdinand Spindel

Bochum /  Graf-Engelbert-Brunnen   Bochum /  Graf-Engelbert-Brunnen


Statue of Count Engelbert in simple armour with a sword. Around the pedestal are four reliefs depicting the key scenes of the May Eve festival.
It is the only remaining part of a fountain, which originally dated from 1910 and was made by Markus Wollner. It was melted in World War II. In 1964 a new fountain was made with a statue. This fountain was removed for the construction of an underground tramway. The new fountain was to heavy and placed elsewhere, while the statue and reliefs in 2020 were placed without a fountain at the present location.

Bochum - Graf-Engelbert-Brunnen
Engelbert's stolen herd of cattle is brought back to the town.
Bochum - Graf-Engelbert-Brunnen
As a reward, the people of Bochum have been allowed to turn the wood of the oak tree into money.
Bochum - Graf-Engelbert-Brunnen
Bochum May Everning Festival. Two dancing couples and two musicians (a fluteplayer and a piper).
Bochum - Graf-Engelbert-Brunnen
Procession to bring the oak tree once donated by Engelbert III to the bachelors of Bochum.


1910 errichtet 1944 zerstört
1964 in neuer form erstellt
graf engelbert iii
von der mark (1330 - 1391)
des bochumer maiabendsfestes
In 1910 erected, in 1944 destroyed
In 1964 rebuilt in new form
Count Engelbert III
of the Mark (1330 - 1391)
of the Bochum May Eve festival


Sources & Information


  • Country: Germany
  • Cattle (bull / cow / calf)
  • Dancer
  • Engelbert III of the Mark
  • Fountain
  • Knight
  • Monarch
  • Musician
  • Spindel, Ferdinand
  • Locatie (N 51°28'57" - E 7°13'10") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

    Item Code: denw1074; Photograph: 6 September 2022
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