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(Stadt Wesel)
Kr. Wesel



Esel von Wesel

Donkey of Wesel

Bonifatius Stirnberg

Wesel /  Esel von Wesel   Wesel /  Esel von Wesel


Sculpture of a donkey with moveable jaw, ears, and tail.

The donkey is a symbol of the city of Wesel. It originated from the fact that the town name rhymes to the German word for donkey: 'Esel'. A famous insulting call, at an echo pit or other places where a clear echo is heard is in German: "Wie heißt der Bürgermeister von Wesel?" (What is the name of the mayor of Wesel?) and the echo answers "Esel." (Donkey. - in translation the joke doesn't exist!)

Wesel - Esel von Wesel

Information Sign

gestiftet von der
verbands-sparkasse wesel
august 1994

Geschaffen von Bonif. Stirnberg


Sources & Information


Locatie (N 51°39'25" - E 6°37'20") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: denw1052; Photograph: 2 August 2022
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