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Kr. Wesel



Bronzetüren der Mariä-Himmelfahrt-Kirche

Bronze Doors of the St. Mary of the Assumption Church

Hildegard Bienen

Wesel /  Bronzetüren der Mariä-Himmelfahrt-Kirche   Wesel /  Bronzetüren der Mariä-Himmelfahrt-Kirche


Bronze doors of the main portals to the vestibule of the church with depictions of events from the salvation stories of the joyful and the sorrowful Rosary. In the tympana above the portals are Christ enthroned and Mary on the crescent moon to be seen.

Wesel - Bronzetüren der Mariä-Himmelfahrt-Kirche
Left tympanum: Mary on the crescent moon, surrounded by twelve stars and the seven-headed dragon of the Book of Revelation.
Wesel - Bronzetüren der Mariä-Himmelfahrt-Kirche
Right tympanum: Christ enthroned within a mandorla, flanked by angels.
Wesel - Bronzetüren der Mariä-Himmelfahrt-Kirche
Left door: From bottom to top: the Annunciation (left), St. Mary and St. Elisabeth (right), the Nativity with shepherds and the Three Mages (left and right), the Presentation in the Temple (right), and 12-year old Jesus in the Temple with the doctors (left).
Wesel - Bronzetüren der Mariä-Himmelfahrt-Kirche
Right door: From bottom to top: the Apostles Peter, John and James sleeping (Luke 9:32) (right), Jesus tempted in the desert (left), the Flagellation of Jesus (right), the Mocking of Jesus (left), Jesus carries the cross (right), and Jesus on the Cross with Mary and John - Calvary (left).


Sources & Information


  • Bienen, Hildegard
  • Bronze door
  • Calvary
  • Dragon
  • Elisabeth (biblical), St.
  • Epiphany
  • James the Greater, St.
  • Jesus in the temple
  • Jesus
  • John the Apostle, St.
  • Mary, St.
  • Nativity
  • Peter, St.
  • Locatie (N 51°39'21" - E 6°36'45") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

    Item Code: denw1046; Photograph: 2 August 2022
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