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Bronzetüren der Sankt-Martinus-Kirche

Bronze Doors of the St. Martin's Church

Josef Krautwald

Westerholt /  Bronzetüren der Sankt-Martinus-Kirche   Westerholt /  Bronzetüren der Sankt-Martinus-Kirche


The St. Martin's Church has three portals with bronze doors, all by Josef Krautwald and made in 1980 and 1981.

Main portal - west side, 1980

Westerholt - Bronzetüren der Sankt-Martinus-Kirche

The theme of this portal is "sharing" and is shown several times on the both doors and is additionally clarified by the large letters of the word: "TEILEN" (to share).
Above the both doors are two hands breaking bread, with the text: "und sie erkannten ihn am Brotbrechen" (And they recognized him by the breaking of bread).

The left door has a large relief of St. Martin sharing his cloak with a beggar, and below this one with two ball playing children and the word "teilhaben" (to participate). The right door shows two men talking with each other ("mitteilen", to communicate), a woman given bread to some children ("austeilen", to hand out), and a sister helping a sick person ("anteil nehmen", to take part).

Side portal - north-west, 1981

Westerholt - Bronzetüren der Sankt-Martinus-Kirche

Scenes from the New Testament: the feeding of the multitude, Jesus as teacher, the blessing of the children and the expulsion from the temple.

Side portal - north-east, 1981

Westerholt - Bronzetüren der Sankt-Martinus-Kirche Westerholt - Bronzetüren der Sankt-Martinus-Kirche

Dedicated to "the people of God on their way to the light". The pilgrims also include Pope John Paul II (right door, below the handle), who was in 1981 still at the beginning of his pontificate.


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  • Bread
  • Bronze door
  • Children (playing)
  • Communication
  • Expulsion from the temple
  • Feeding the multitude (miracle)
  • Jesus as teacher
  • John Paul II, Pope
  • Krautwald, Josef
  • Martin, St.
  • Miracles of Jesus
  • Nurse and patient
  • Pilgrim
  • Teacher
  • Locatie (N 51°35'57" - E 7°5'27") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

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