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(Gem. Übach-Palenberg)
Kr. Heinsberg


Geilenkirchener straße / Ägidiusstraße

Skulpturengruppe Frelenberger Esel

Frelenberg Donkey Sculpture Group

Roswitha Schmitt
Kunstgießerei Schweitzer (Köln)

Frelenberg /  Skulpturengruppe Frelenberger Esel   Frelenberg /  Skulpturengruppe Frelenberger Esel


Sculpture group of four parts: a priest and a burgomaster walking together, a farmer's woman looking at them and an ass with a sack on his back.


kunstgieserei / schweitzer / köln


The sculpture group illustrates the following story: The Frelenberg town council could not decide where the church should be built. A clever man suggested to load a sandsack on a donkey, and where the donkey will throw the sack from his back, there we will build the church. This was unanimously adopted. The donkey climbed a fairly steep hill hinan at the south side of the village, and when he was at the top, he threw himself down, because he could no longer continue. And there the Frelenberg people built their church. Therefore, the nickname of the Frelenberg inhabitats is still "de Aesele".

The sculpture group shows the donkey with the sand sack on his back, he is followed by the town's clergy and government. The villagers - represented by a farmer's woman - observe the scene.


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Locatie (N 50°56'39" - E 6°6'21") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: denw077; Photograph: 7 August 2009
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