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Stadt Mönchengladbach


Rathausplatz 1

Two statues (Sandrad and Gero?)

artist unknown

Mönchengladbach /  Two statues (Sandrad and Gero?)   Mönchengladbach /  Two statues (Sandrad and Gero?)


Two stone statues in the façade of the town hall, the left one with church, lily and lion's head (the monk Sandrad?); the right a priest with bishop's staff, book with chalice and a bird (Archbishop Gero of Cologne?).


The town hall of Mönchengladbach was a Benedictine abbey founded in 974 by Archbishop Gero of Cologne and the monk Sandrad from Trier. In 1835 the city authorities acquired the main building to replace the old Rathaus, which was demolished. This now constitutes the present Rathaus Abtei. The remaining monastic buildings were also acquired by the city one by one, for the accommodation of municipal offices. Rebuilt in 1950.



Location (N 51°11'34" - E 6°25'52")

Item Code: denw039; Photograph: 5 August 2009
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