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Lkr. Uelzen


Bahnhofstraße / Ringstraße


Bernd Altenstein

Uelzen /  Passage   Uelzen /  Passage


Bronze sculpture representing "people passing". A nude figure with a obliquely bent forward body runs against a wall. Head, arms, shoulders and chest have already penetrated into the wall and smashed it. At the unveiling of the work a spokesman for Oberpostdirektion Hannover described it as follows: "In relief on an elongated bronze wall showing in a stylized way a passing woman on one hand and moving male figures on the other hand."

Information Sign

Bernd Altenstein


Bronze, 1991


Sources & Information


Location (N 52°57'55" - E 10°33'25")

Item Code: dens423; Photograph: 7 August 2016
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