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Kriegerdenkmal 1870-71

War Memorial 1870-71

artist unknown

Estebrügge /  Kriegerdenkmal 1870-71   Estebrügge /  Kriegerdenkmal 1870-71


Arch with a platform on top. The keystone has the date 1895. On this platform is an obelisk with the dates 1870-71, crossed swords and a laurel wreath, a cross and text plaques; on top is an eagle. On the four corners of the platform are stone busts of:
  1. (east) Kaiser Wilhelm I (Berlin 1797-Berlin 1888), King of Prussia and German Emperor, 1861-1888 (Wikipedia).
  2. (north) Kaiser Friedrich III (Potsdam 1831-Potsdam 1888), King of Prussia and German Emperor from 9 March to 15 June 1888 (Wikipedia).
  3. (west) Otto Fürst von Bismarck (Schönhausen 1815 - Friedrichsruh bei Hamburg 1898), German-Prussian statesman, Prime Minister of Prussia, 1862-1890; designed the German Empire in 1871, becoming its first Chancellor; nicknamed "The Iron Chancellor" (Wikipedia)
  4. (south) Helmuth Graf von Moltke (Parchim 1800 - Berlin 1891), Generalfeldmarschall (Wikipedia).

Estebrügge - Kriegerdenkmal 1870-71
Estebrügge - Kriegerdenkmal 1870-71
Estebrügge - Kriegerdenkmal 1870-71
Estebrügge - Kriegerdenkmal 1870-71
Estebrügge - Kriegerdenkmal 1870-71


von Einwohnern des Kirchspiels



  • Army Officer
  • Bismarck, Otto von
  • Eagle
  • Frederick III (emperor)
  • Moltke, Helmuth von
  • Monarch
  • Politician/Statesman
  • War Memorial (Germany - Franco-Prussian War)
  • Wilhelm I (emperor)
  • Location (N 53°30'37" - E 9°43'45")

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    Item Code: dens347; Photograph: 14 April 2016
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