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Quade Foelke

Foelke the Cruel

Quade Foelke, actually Foelkedis Kampana, (Hinte c. 1350 - Oldeborg 1419), wife of the chieftain Ocko tom Brok (murdered in 1389), regent for the territories Oldeborg, Brokmerland, Auricherland and Emsigerland in i1400 during the absence of her son Keno II and in 1417 during the minority of her grandson Ocko II
artist unknown
18th century?

Dornum /  Quade Foelke   Dornum /  Quade Foelke



The court historian Eggerik Beninga (1490-1562), who was related to the Allena family, who competed for power with the Tom Brok family, introduced a number of legends about her in his Chronica der Fresen which led to her becoming an icon of cruelty. Some of the stories appear to be based on real atrocities committed by Keno II, which were transferred to his strong-willed mother. One of these legends was that she advised her son-in-law Lütet Attena to kill her unfaithful daughter Ocka. After Lütet had killed his wife, Foelke had him and his father Hero imprisoned in the Dornumer castle, and had beheaded them both. In addition, it is said that she had killed the pastor of Strackholt because he had rung the church bell to worship against her will.

Dornum - Quade Foelke


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Locatie (N 53°38'57" - E 7°25'46") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: dens223; Photograph: 27 April 2014
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