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Am Hafen

Cliner Wind

To commemorate the term 'Cliner Wind' (wind from Carolinensiel), referring to the sea breeze and the different atmosphere between Carolinensiel and the surrounding farmland.
Anders Petersen & Hans-Christian Petersen

Carolinensiel /  Cliner Wind   Carolinensiel /  Cliner Wind


Bronze sculpture of a girl with a sail boat in her hands, standing on a brick base representing a wave.

Carolinensiel - Cliner Wind Carolinensiel - Cliner Wind


Unveiled at the 275st anniversary of Carolinensiel on 28 May 2005. The sculptors were insprired by Marie Ulfers' novel Windiger Siel (Windy Sluice). In Carolinensiel it were actually the women who determined the town, since the boatmen were often gone for weeks or months. The statue show however not a mourning or waiting woman, as is often seen, but a woman looking forward.

Carolinensiel - Cliner Wind


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Location (N 53°41'26" - E 7°48'6")

Item Code: dens217; Photograph: 27 April 2014
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