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Monument for Miss Maria of Jever

Maria of Jever, known in Jeverland as Miss Maria (Jever 1500 - Jever 1575) the last ruler of the Lordship of Jever from the Wiemken family
Harro Magnussen
Bronzegießerei Gladenbeck (Friedrichshagen bei Berlin)

Jever /  Fräulein-Maria-Denkmal   Jever /  Fräulein-Maria-Denkmal


Bronze statue of Miss Maria of Jever the former regent Maria of Jever in courtly dress, facing to Jever Castle facing; in her right hand she holds the town charter, her left hand is placed on the head of a seated greyhound next. The statue stands on a pedestal which forms the center of a large stone bench, with the the both ends lions with the coats-of-arms of the Jever chieftains (left) and Oldenburg (right).

Jever - Fräulein-Maria-Denkmal Jever - Fräulein-Maria-Denkmal Jever - Fräulein-Maria-Denkmal


Bronze plaque with text and the coat of arms of Jever.
Jever - Fräulein-Maria-Denkmal MARIA
geb. dochter vnd
froichen zu
ostringen vnd

Jever - Fräulein-Maria-Denkmal



  • Country: Germany
  • Coat of arms
  • Dog
  • Gladenbeck (Friedrichshagen bei Berlin), Bronzegießerei
  • Magnussen, Harro
  • Maria von Jever
  • Monarch
  • Statue (woman)
  • Statue (woman)
  • Location (N 53°34'23" - E 7°54'12")

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    Item Code: dens204; Photograph: 27 April 2014
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