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Raub der Proserpina - Venus und Adonis

The Rape of Proserpina - Venus and Adonis

Adriaen de Vries
1621 (copies)

Bückeburg /  Raub der Proserpina - Venus und Adonis


Two bronze sculpture showing two themes from Roman history:
  1. The Rape of Proserpina, Pluto abducts Proserpina, Hermes tries to stop him by holding his leg. On several places, this sculpture is named 'The Rape of the Sabine Women'. The presence of Hermes makes it more likely it is Proserpina, as Robert Buck writes in his work Ernst zu Schaumburg, p. 53.
  2. Venus and Adonis, Adonis is standing with Venus crouching at his feet, accompanied by a dog.
The statues were made by Adriaen de Vries in Prague in 1621. The present sculpture are copies of the originals, which are in the Skulpturensammlung Bode-Museum - Staatliche Museen in Berlin

Bückeburg - Raub der Proserpina - Venus und Adonis
Bückeburg - Raub der Proserpina - Venus und Adonis
Bückeburg - Raub der Proserpina - Venus und Adonis


Der Raub der Sabinerin: adrianvs fries hagiensis battavvs 1621


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  • Country: Germany
  • Adonis
  • Bridge with statues
  • Mercurius / Hermes
  • Pluto
  • Proserpina
  • Rape of the Sabine Women
  • Venus
  • Vries, Adriaen de
  • Locatie (N 52°15'34" - E 9°2'43") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

    Item Code: dens181; Photograph: 4 April 2014
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