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Leibniz Temple

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
Leipzig 1646 - Hannover 1716
German mathematician and philosopher. He occupies a prominent place in the history of mathematics and the history of philosophy.
Christopher Hewetson

Hannover /  Leibniztempel   Hannover /  Leibniztempel


Bust, inscribed LEIBNITZ (!) placed under a cupola carried by Ionic columns. The 1789 original marble bust was removed in 1986 to save it from vandalism, and in 2010 replaced with copy (with already is damaged, the nose is broken off).
The architrave is inscribed:

Information Sign

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

Porträtbuste von Christopher Hewetson (1739-1799)
Original im Hist. Museum. Schloss Herrenhausen

Die Anfertigung der Kopie wurde möglich durch
die Freunde der Herrenhäser-Gärten e.V.
mit Unterstützung der Sparkasse Hannover
und der Freunde des Historischen Museums e.V.



The temple was built from 1787-1790 by Johann Daniel Ramberg at the Paradeplatz (Waterlooplatz) and was in 1937 replaced to the present location.

Hannover - Leibnitztempel

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Location (N 52°23'12" - E 9°42'17")

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Item Code: dens171; Photograph: 4 April 2014
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