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Hessisch Oldendorf
Lkr. Hameln-Pyrmont



Familie mit Boot

Family with Boat

Karl Ulrich Nuss

Hessisch Oldendorf /  Familie mit Boot   Hessisch Oldendorf /  Familie mit Boot


Bronze sculpture of a man pushing a silhouet of a boat in the water. On the boat stands a woman with child.


u. nuss 93/94 with a small relief portrait of the artist.


The sculpture awakens associations with the Christmas story, to Joseph, Mary and the child. The boat is reminiscent of the Weser, in the time in the history of Hessisch Oldendorf when boats were required for the work. The semicircular arch symbolizes the cycle of life and old age, it starts with the man, continues in the rounding of the boat and ends with the mother and child.


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Location (N 52°10'5" - E 9°14'53")

Item Code: dens107; Photograph: 19 August 2009
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