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Groß Laasch
Lkr. Ludwigslust-Parchim


Ludwigsluster Straße
(Denkmal KZ-Außenlager Wöbbelin)


Brick figures

Dörte Michaelis

Groß Laasch /  Klinkerfiguren   Groß Laasch /  Klinkerfiguren


On the site of the concentration camp Wöbbelin - now a wood without any buildings - are the contours of the baracks indicated and are five brick sculptures, indicating the different stages of camp life. The five sculptures were made in 2004 from demolition bricks on the occasion of an international workcamp by young Europeans supervised by Dörte Michaelis.

Groß - Klinkerfiguren
Ankunft / Arrival
Groß - Klinkerfiguren
Groß - Klinkerfiguren
Trost / Comfort
Groß - Klinkerfiguren
Tod / Death
Groß - Klinkerfiguren
Hoffnung / Hope

The construction of these brick sculptures was regrettably not very solid, two of them are fallen and broken into the individual bricks.


Sources & Information


  • Country: Germany
  • Arrival
  • Comfort
  • Death
  • Hope (Spes)
  • Hunger
  • Michaelis, Dörte
  • War Memorial (Germany - WWII)
  • Locatie (N 53°22'0" - E 11°29'18") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

    Item Code: demv255; Photograph: 7 August 2016
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