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Obotriten mit ihren Pferde

Obotrites with their Horses

Christian Genschow

Schwerin /  Obotriten mit ihren Pferde


Two statues of Obotrites with theirs horses flanking the bridghead on the side of the town. Obotrites were a confederation of medieval West Slavic tribes within the territory of modern Mecklenburg and Holstein in northern Germany.

The two sculptures are very similar, but not identical. One shows an Obotrite taming his horse, the other an Obotrite armouring his horse. (but it was not clear for us which one is which).

Schwerin - Obotriten mit ihren Pferde Schwerin - Obotriten mit ihren Pferde


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Location (N 53°37'31" - E 11°25'2")

Item Code: demv197; Photograph: 5 August 2016
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