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Lkr. Vorpommern-Greifswald


Gedenkstätte Golm

Der frierende Frau

Freezing Woman

Rudolf Leptien

Kamminke /  Der frierende Frau   Kamminke /  Der frierende Frau


Stone statue of a woman in an army coat.



Golm lay directly on the newly created Oder-Neisse line that marked the new border between Germany and Poland. Following the war, most refugees continued to move to the west and the local German populace was expelled. The cemetery attracted only slight attention and the area had almost turned into a forest again. In the 1950s the Pomeranian Evangelical Church began caring for the site. However a large wooden cross placed there in 1954 was immediately destroyed and East German authorities forbade the erection of Robert Leptien’s sculpture "Freezing Woman" (1952) because it did not match the artistic perceptions of the communist party line. While Leptien had moved to West Berlin his sculpture remained at his former garden and was finally erected at the cemetery without an official permission in 1984.

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Location (N 53°53'3" - E 14°12'28")

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Item Code: demv040; Photograph: 2 August 2016
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